Software Engineering and Security Solutions

Delivering state-of-the-art software solutions. Starting from remote monitoring software for enterprises, up to productivity apps on mobile devices.

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Powerful in every Aspect

We have specialized in developing performance and function-optimized software tailored to the given requirements. We attach great importance to the quality and the user experience of our products. Design and Functionality assembling perfection.

Security Software

Our security software ranges from Project Exterean, a proven and secure remote administration system, to packet sniffing software and much more.


Various software developed by us is available for registered and authorized customers. We also offer some freeware products for all users.

Mobile Applications

The smartphone ushered in an era of productivity. Our apps help users perform their tasks while enjoying the best workflow and tracking the important stuff.

Developer APIs

We are developers out of passion and love to make our technologies available to other experimental programers. Our users have access to many of our APIs.

Software Center

The Software Center is our in-house solution to ensure the integrity and licensing of our software. For verified and eligible users.

Service and Support

We offer you first-class services. Software licensing and protection, password recovery, data analysis and much more. Take a look at our portfolio.

Powerful tools

Software that pushes the limits of what is possible. Our products offer you a lot of possibilities. Products like Project Exterean and Port Hunter even offer dynamic plugin systems that allow you to implement your own unique solutions.

To protect our users, all commercial tools are combined in the Software Center and are therefore only available to verified customers. With the help of these and many other measures, we have been able to protect our software to a large extent to this day.

Project Iridium - VT Scanner

Core Infrastructure

All services and user data are only processed in the core infrastructure. These offer comprehensive and steel-hard protection against data theft and manipulation attempts.

The core infrastructure consists of 14 dedicated systems worldwide which, through their interaction, enable a fail-safe service. The revenue from our products is largely used for maintenance and service expansion.

Project Sirius - Server stats

Open Source

We love open source and a few of our software products free. Developer libraries and tools.