Compliance Process Information

Have you been asked by Sojourner Development to perform the compliance process or do you want access to areas, information, software and services of Sojourner Development that are related to the process or for which it is required, you will find below information that may be helpful.

Compliance is Important

While we ask for your understanding, Sojourner Development's specialized solutions require special protection against piracy and illegal use of its services and products. To ensure the security of our customers as well as the infrastructure and software, a detailed screening is carried out.

Only if the compliance check is positive, the use of the Software Center, access to all products and service infrastructure, dashboards, and security support be activated.

The following items are excluded from the compliance process: Non-security software, open source software, partnerships that involve development or design and do not require specific security requirements.

General Requirements

If you need access to any of the above items that are not excluded, please contact us briefly to evaluate the process.

In most cases the activation can be done quite fast and easy, depending on your requirements to us.

Need assistance with the implementation of a product, consulting and project management support can also be provided without extensive screening.

How it Works

If you want to be verified as an individual or as an organization, please contact our support. We will get back to you as soon as possible and describe the exact steps you have to perform.

Essentially, we need information to legitimize your use. Once we have verified your identity and know about your intended use, it is necessary to fulfill legal requirements. This includes, for example, accepting our Non Disclosure Agreements, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy etc.

The support will carry out all steps with you individually and in detail.

After the Verification

Once accepted, your access to the Software Center is created with your personal user and you can view and use services, software and restricted areas.

We provide a secure environment, private services and exclusive access. The rollout of the Software Center and your access data will be carried out by the support after successful activation.