Who is Sojourner Development?

Sojourner Development is an app and software studio created, to make its software available under a synonym. Meanwhile Sojourner Development has also become an App Provider and a technology/entrepreneurship blog.

How big is the Studio?

Only Marcus the founder of Sojourner Development is actively working on the different projects that you can find on our project page. But now and then also guest developers and guest writers are involved in projects and the blog.

How is development funded?

Sojourner Development makes its services available for a voluntary donation. Software which is financed by voluntary donations and therefore is not direct freeware can be downloaded via the Software Center for verified users.

How to obtain the software?

All of donation founded products are either part of the software suite and the software center, or are available over app-stores like Google Play or others. Our Security and Enterprise solutions can only be obtained by verified users.

Why are some products not public?

Our tools and products are very powerfull, therefore all this software like remote administration software solutions are only available for verified users. This ensures privacy for all of our clients and ourself.

How to get verified?

Contact Us. The verification process will usually only take around 2 to 3 days.

What are Software Center Links?

On our site you will find Software Center links, which, if installed, open the corresponding area in the Software Center. The user must have the necessary authorizations and must be logged in actively.

Keybase + Saltpack?

We use Keybase and Saltpack to encrypt various publicly available data and ensure authenticity. Information that has been signed can be validated via Keybase.

Validation of confidential information and files

For confidential data / files and information , there is a separate validation procedure, which is a further development of Saltpack. This makes it possible to ensure that the data has been signed by Sojourner Development. This kind of data may not be compatible with Keybase, but it is using our own validation and encryption mechanism.

Why are these measures necessary?

It is about our privacy and the safety of our users. We provide the maximum level of protection by all possible means.